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Mrs Clare Talbot

Crowsley Rose Lodge
At Frieze Cottage
United Kingdom

Tel:    +44 (0) 118 972 1230

Mob:  +44 (0) 7900 145 416

E-mail: clare.talbot36@gmail.com

Access Statement

 Rose Lodge is a detached single storey unit situated at the rear of Frieze Cottage in the village of Crowsley. 
Access to the premises is from Sonning Common Road running from Sonning Common to Binfield Heath.
Access to the Lodge premises is through the yard gate off the access lane to Well House into the concrete yard area adjacent to the Lodge. This yard is sufficient for the parking of two cars. This yard gate is to remain closed at all times when not in use for access or exit from the yard. 
Access to the Lodge itself is from the yard area via the front door, opening directly into the sitting room. A rear door is available from the kitchen into the garden area of Frieze Cottage, to be used as an emergency exit only. 
Tenants will be issued with a set of keys for both front and rear entrance / exit. 
The use of the Lodge is restricted to the Lodge accommodation area, together with the area of the enclosed car park. 

Fire Risk Assessment

This is a structured consideration of the fire hazard and the management of fire in Rose Lodge.   The following issued have been addressed: 
01. To identify fire hazards. 
02. To identify the people at risk 
03. To evaluate, remove, reduce and protect from risk 
04. To record, plan, inform, instruct and train 
05. To review the assessment.  

1.To Identify the Fire Hazards.
01. As potential sources of ignition: The cooking equipment located in the kitchen comprises a Berghoff Tronic Induction hob, complete with its own special cooking utensils together with an Hitachi Microwave combi-oven. The instruction manuals for both are located in the Lodge Handbook. All are strongly advised to consult the manuals before using either item. The Lodge lighting and power circuit comprises a standard system together with under unit lighting to the kitchen and a supplement lighting, floor mounted standard in the sitting room. Further electrical appliances found in the Lodge are a heated towel rail in the bathroom, TV, video player and DVD player in the sitting room, washing machine, kettle, radio, toaster and water softener in the kitchen. Details on the use of these are contained in the Lodge Handbook. 
02. As combustible materials that may burn: All furniture and fittings found in the Lodge have been manufactured / purchased since 1993. 
03. Inflammable liquids and gases: There are no items in the Lodge which fall into this category. 

2. Identify People at Risk. These will include guests using the Lodge and their visitors, together with people in the immediate vicinity and those walking in the adjacent lane. Numbers of guests in the Lodge will range from one to four, with the occasional increase in these figures due to guest’s visitors. There is a risk in the event of fire in the Lodge to the possible spread to the adjacent Cottage premises some two metres away.  

3. Evaluate, Remove, Reduce and Protect from Risk. The Lodge and it’s surrounding area is a no smoking zone. Smoking anywhere on the premises is prohibited. Suitable signs to this effect have been posted in the Lodge. The use of naked flames, i.e. candles, is also prohibited. Battery operated torches have been provided (2No.) and are located in the kitchen and in the sitting room.  These are for use in the unlikely event of a power cut. All furniture and upholstery have been manufactured and obtained since 1993, i.e. and will therefore comply with the regulations introduced at that time. 

4. Record, Plan, Inform and Train. This Assessment is recorded in the Lodge Handbook.  Further copies are available on request. The Fire Protection Provision has been defined by issue of an Emergency Plan, produced to understand the layout and contents of the Lodge, it also indicates the fire exit points.  Copies of this Plan are displayed in the sitting room and kitchen and contained in the Lodge Handbook and clearly give the means of escape in the event of fire. Smoke alarms have been located in the bedroom and sitting room areas. These are electrically powered and interconnected, with a battery backup, to comply with LD3 as set out in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Emergency lighting is not fitted, however two battery operated torches are provided to assist emergency exit in the absence of power during the hours of darkness. Fire fighting equipment comprises a 2KG CO2 fire extinguisher and fire blanket, both located in the kitchen area. In the event of fire there are two points of escape depending on the fire location, i.e. via the two external doors, each with emergency keys located on the door frame, to give access from the kitchen into Frieze Cottage garden and from the front door into the Lodge car park.  In the event of fire both guests and any visitors are to collect in these two areas. Alarm should be given immediately to the emergency services and to Frieze Cottage. (tel: 0118 972 1230).  

5. Review the Assessment Periodically. The fire risk assessment for the Lodge is reviewed periodically.

November 2012